What Happens When Mold Comes Back

What Happens When Mold Comes Back

One of the most common questions mold remediation professionals of Olympia, WA get asked is simply this – what happens if the mold comes back? Can it come back? Will it be able to be remediated again? It makes sense that after facing mold growth in the home a first time, home and property owners will be more conscientious about mold growth in the future and may even harbor a bit of fear of what may happen if the mold comes back for a triumphant return. 

After mold remediation, mold can come back, and it will come back if your underlying moisture problem is allowed to go unsolved. 

Taking A Look At What Causes Mold 

The best way to determine if your mold is at risk of reinvading your space is to look at what causes mold and what mold is all about. Some of the most common causes of mold in a home or business are: 

  • - Humidity – Some spaces within a home or building will tend to be more humid than others. While humidity in the air may seem like no big deal, it’s actually a leading cause of mold growth within any home or business space in the region. In a home, for example, the bathroom where showers are taken each day will be more humid than an airy kitchen, and you’re more likely to find mold growth taking over in this bathroom for this exact reason. 
  • - Condensation – Have you ever seen water droplets form on the outside of a cold glass on a hot day? That’s condensation, and condensation is another leading cause of mold. In the home, condensation isn’t always something you’ll be able to see with your eyes, as it’s likely to happen on pipes running under cold flooring or even carpeted surfaces. This condensation leads to higher moisture levels beneath the surface, and can get the party started for rapid mold growth. 
  • - Poor ventilation – Stagnant air is often moist air, and this is why humid spaces will tend to have a certain feeling of stillness about them. Poorly ventilated homes or businesses are more likely to experience mold growth and re-growth when compared to those where the air is always kept moving. 
  • - Leaky pipes – Your pipes are being used all of the time in your home, but you don’t always see them. This means that a leaking pipe isn’t always an obvious thing until mold begins to grow. Leaking pipes release moisture and humidity within walls, under floors, and behind cabinetry. 

What To Do If Mold Comes Back 

If mold comes back after your remediation, it’s because the root cause of the mold was never properly addressed. Perhaps a mold professional determined humidity was the source of the mold, when in fact it was just one of two or three sources. When you experience mold regrowth in your home or area business, it’s imperative to call mold remediation specialists as quickly as possible. 

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